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Winter of 2012 Repower M40    Slideshow  
Removed a pair of 671 Detroit Diesel 2 strokers with Twin Disc gears,replaced all underwater running gear ,increased shaft diameter to 1 /34,Two new 6LY3-UTP Yanmars 380 HP with KMH61A gears dual station,interfaced to chartplotter. Complete engine room rehab with new oil changer system .

January 12, 2013, 2:26 PM EST

This summer we repowered a Sabre 38. We removed a Westerbeke W33 and installed a new Westerbeke 44A. Included in the repower was replacing complete exhaust system. We updated the engine room installation which was damaging the air filter of the engine. Replaced battery cable, removing nearly 50 feet of excess cable, which was causing large voltage drop. By upgrading electrical stystem, we were able to achieve maximum efficiency, resulting in batteries lasting to their life expectancy. Owner would anchored out and needed his batteries to perform to their capacity, spending days on the hook. We worked with the owner to achieve the most of his batteries and make sure he would be pleased with the result. Installed a Balmar 70 Series Alternator and ARS-5 Electronic Regulator to achieve this efficiency. If you would like to get the most out of your boat contact us.

Team GLD
February 28, 2011, 11:09 PM EST

We are proud to say that this has been one of our best Cleveland Boat Shows. We have been able to attend. Thanks to all who made it successful.

Team GLD

November 23, 2011, 12:44 PM EST

Well as you all can see, we had one busy summer. So busy that we are using this as an update on what has happened through the whole summer. Many events have happened that we are very proud. Our new service of Kubota has taken off. We have rebuilt four D-Series diesel engines in our industrial division. We are excited that this has been successful and we are looking forward to advancing it. The summer months were also busy such as tales of saving sinking boats. A routine bilge pump replacement was compounded by a discovery of a cracked thru-hull fitting. This fitting was weak enough that it broke just ask it was lifted out of the water to be repaired, lucky not resulting in a disaster. Hope everybody enjoys the holiday and fall months and we will update again soon.

Team GLD
March 10, 2011, 2:28 PM EST

Hope everybody has stayed relatively dry this winter and it seems that spring and summer is approaching fast. Great Lakes Diesel, just a everybody else, is taking advantage of the nice weather. As the snow melts, we are preparing for summer and starting with sprucing up the marina for the upcoming boat season. We are signed up to be at The Used Boat Show and Marine Flea Market at Lakeside Marine at Spitzer's Lorain, May 13,14,15. We have recently completed our third engine rebuild of the winter and starting to shift focus to outside boat repairs and launch. Hope everybody has a safe spring.

Team GLD
January 8, 2011, 12:42 PM EST

First of all, hope everybody had a safe holiday season; Happy New Year to all of our customers and us at Great Lakes Diesel are looking forward to a great year. Now back to the opening, yes, we said that, Free Maintance Seminars given by the GLD Team. During the Cleveland Boat Show, we will be giving a one-hour seminar about the basics of boat and engine maintance on the Saturdays, January 15 and 22. From 12-1pm at the main stage, we will be talking about how to make sure your engine is healthy and able to keep you boat running smoothly. A simple checklist will be handed out that makes engine upkeep as simple as going through a piece of paper. This a a great oppurtunity to meet us and to see if our Spring Seminars are right for you. Again, stop by as this is a great and rare oppurtunity!

Team GLD

December 28, 2010, 12:00 PM EST

Stubborn Cutlass Bearing
After diagnosing vibration concerns by the owner and going on sea trails, we located a bent prop shaft. During the removal of the bent prop shaft, we inspected and decided to replace the cutlass bearing. After removing set screws and using a cutlass bearing press, the subborn cutlass bearing refused to be removed from the strut. We resorted to cutting the cutlass bearing, using a hack saw. After, we had to drive the two halves out with a punch. Installation of new cutlass bearing and set screws went without a problem. Check back here to see what we are up to in the coming days.

Team GLD

December 20, 2010, 1:03 PM EST

Up at the Marina, we have a J92 in our shop and we are converting the power plant from an outboard motor to an inboard saildrive.
We are in the process of custom fitting the saildrive bed. Inboard power will be 1GM10C 1 cylinder Yanmar diesel with a SD-20 saildrive. Included in this repower we will install a new aluminum fuel tank with tank level sending unit. All engine controls and electrical systems will be upgraded. When completed, new engine package will increase preformance and reliability. In the long run this is a great cost saver. Contact us for more information on a repower that fits your needs.

Team GLD
Fall 2015  ODNR Fisheries  R/V Grandon Repower  New Scania DI13 080 300hp commercial engine. Removed old Caterpillar V8 diesel.  50ft length  57 ton disp.  Increased productivity. Lowered fuel consumption to 4gph. Extending operating distance between fillups