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Fresh out of the rebuild shop
 7.5 HP
Serial #05985
Oversized piston and rings  New Bearings and Seals   *********SOLD*********
New valves and recon head
New injector and fuel pump
New motor mounts and filters
New belt and impeller
Used Kanzaki KM2A transmission 2.62 ratio
$3500.00 plus tax and shipping
Panel and Harness available . NEW or used
90 day limited warranty

Benchtested and ready to run.  
Will bench run for your inspection 

Universal M-25XP

Complete rebuild
New pistons and rings, New gaskets and seals,
New bearings, Reconditioned head, New injectors, and fuel pump
With HBW50 transmission
Bench tested and ready to run
1 year limited warranty
$5,399-- tax and shipping not included

*Note- Custom gauge panel and harness available at addition cost           SOLD

1GM Yanmar Diesel Engine Package  7.5 HP  

    Kanzaki Transmission 
    KM2-A with a 2.62 ratio
    Benchtested and Ready to Run  
    Fresh rebuild by Great Lakes Diesel Inc
    New piston and rings  New bearings and seals
    Reconditioned Head    
    New fuel pump and filters, new belt
    Yanmar Quality                                     

    90 day limited warranty
    includes used gauge panel with tachometer
    3m harness
    Core exchange required 

    $3,399.00, not including shipping
Engine Cores and used parts available
4JH2E Yanmar 4 cyl.-CORE
    Parting out 

BUKH DV20; 2 cycle; includes BW-7 Transmission

Engine was running at the time of tear down
Broken valve spring, one piston scored
Starter, transmission and alternator running well
Block and head in running condition
Rebuildable core or spare parts
Price available upon request

Farymann Diesel Parts New and Used

    Farymann Diesel Rebuilt Engines
    Two R30M CORES, pictured
    K34 CORE
    L30 CORE
    Used Parts

Perkins Diesel CORE

    KD3024 Rebuildable CORE- pictured